The Top Trending Fashion Colors of 2020

The Top Trending Fashion Colors of 2020

Nowadays, the most attractive colors normally mean pastels — usually shades of yellow, green. But could there be more 'trendy' colors? Let us look at the top 5 colors that are hot this year.

1.  Ceylon Yellow

It’s definitely not a color for everyone, but if you have warm skin and can wear it, it is savory and spicy and adds an exotic touch.

2.  Limelight

Yellow seems to be big this fall, and this bold Limelight color couldn’t have a better name. It is animated and effervescent and no doubt, the center of attention. Touches of this here and there will bring your fall wardrobe to life.

3.  Russet Orange

Earthy, warm, who can resist this color in the fall?

4. Martini Olive

These deep gray-green may remind you of army green I find it smoother, more sophisticated and Urban.


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